Saturday, July 28, 2012

San Fernando La Union

These fine-looking missionaries are in the San Fernando Zone.
We were blessed to be taught by our zone leaders, Elder Willie
and Elder Soderquist. Role play is an important part of training.
It allows missionaries to practice, evaluate, then re-practice
 as they learn ways to teach the Doctrine of Christ by the Spirit.

Mangaldan Zone

Here we are with our hard-working missionaries from the Mangaldan Zone.
Sister Monahan enjoyed her role play experience as one of the investigators
being taught by Elder Hansen and Elder Kauer.  We were receiving Preach
My Gospel training from the zone leaders, Elder Esling and Elder Bernal.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Bayambang Zone

We started our week having interviews and training with our
Bayambang Zone.  As you can see....all elders.  The Zone Leaders,
Elder Lauriaga and Elder Solesbee and our Assistants, Elder Mayes
and Elder Tolman did a wonderful job teaching these Elders in Israel.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Mangaldan R.S.

While visiting a branch in Mangaldan, the Relief Society class ended 10 minutes early.
That would be unheard of when it was my turn to teach!  Since we had already sung
three extra hymns, I announced to everyone that I had my camera and two minutes
later, we were gathered for a picture.  The sisters were so warm and friendly.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Our First Baptism

We had an opportunity to attend our first baptism. Sister Rose is a
beautiful young lady with a sweet spirit. Our four missionaries are:
(L-R)  Elders Elix and Nieman, and Sisters Praqueles and Castigador.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Agoo Zone

We spent a rainy day with our missionaries in Agoo Zone, the second largest zone in
Baguio Mission; but nothing could dampen the spirit in this zone.  We were taught by the
very capable zone leaders, Elders Villacer and Plania, who were followed by the assistants.

Rosales Zone

We visited Rosales Zone for missionary interviews. Rosales is
a cheerful zone and we were spiritually fed by the zone leaders,
Elder Catellier and Elder Valez, followed by the assistants.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Urdaneta Zone

During interviews with the Urdaneta Zone missionaries, President Monahan took a
break to gather for a picture. We had training from the zone leaders, Elder Bermejo
and Elder White, and from the Assistants, Elder Tolman and Elder Mayes.

Baguio City

On the way to Baguio City, we came across a beautiful water fall--
on the street!  During the rainy season, Baguio has many water falls.
How often do you get to DRIVE through a water fall?
On our way back from Baguio City, we stopped at the vegetable and
fruit stand on the side of the road.  How do ya like them bananas?!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

We welcomed our newest senior couple, Elder and Sister Stamps.
Sister Stamps grew up in Baguio City.  Elder and Sister Stamps will be
a great blessing and support to our members in the Urbiztando Branch.

While in Agoo, we met with our zone leaders, Elder Villacer (L) and
Elder Plania.  They gave us a tour of their apartment then took us to the church
building where the missionaries were meeting with members in the branch.
We are on our way home from a shopping trip. Driving in the
Philippines is quite an experience--lane lines are merely a suggestion.
We enjoyed a surprise visit  from our good friends and former Gilbert neighbors,
Doug and Janice McAllister. They are currently living in Manila.

San Jacinto

After church, we paused for a moment to get a picture
with Elder Hyatt (L) and Elder Spiers at the San Jacinto Branch. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Rosales District Meeting

We visited one of the District meetings in Rosales.

Our First Sunday

Our first Sunday in the Baguio Mission, we got to visit the branch
in San Jacinto. What a joy to begin meeting the members in our
mission and partaking of their wonderful spirit.

At the MTC

We couldn't wait to get to the famous MTC map to show everyone
that we are going to the great Philippines Baguio Mission! We loved
our time at the MTC....what a spiritual feast as we listened to and
rubbed shoulders with the Prophet and Apostles!