Sunday, August 12, 2012

Transfer Day

The missionaries load their luggage and personal items into the jeepneys. Elder Engels puts a banner on each jeepney to identify the different zones. Elder Engels also places all the mail and packages under the carport of the mission home so the zone leaders can take them back to the missionaries in their areas.
A few last goodbyes and handshakes, then it's time to board the jeepneys to their areas.  Some of the missionaries will go to new areas with new companions, others will go back to their same areas, but with different companions.  Since this was our first missionary transfer day, I wasn't sure how it all worked, but it's all very well-planned and I was impressed that our missionaries were so organized.

I loved going to each jeepney
and seeing all the smiling
faces of our missionaries. In
the picture below, Elder Liston
is almost buried in the way
back with all the boxes, but
he's still smiling!

Our First New Missionaries

The day finally came to receive our first batch of new missionaries.
Back row: (L-R) Elders Santiago, Peñaranda, Terry, Perez, Navarro,
Sudario, and Torres.  Front row: Sister Periña, Elder Liston, and
Sister Urbano. We love them already!  We actually got to meet Elders
Liston and Terry during the last week of June while we were at the
Mission Presidents' Seminar in the Provo, Utah MTC.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Our First Departing Missionaries

It was with mixed feelings that we see our first batch of missionaries
depart. Even though we've only been in this great Baguio Mission
for nearly six weeks, we have grown to love these stalwart young
missionaries who are returning to their homes with honor. (L-R)
Elders Bermejo, Willie, Lee, Bacarro, Petronio, Shill, Evert and Abarte.
Sister Martinez was our only sister missionary who was leaving.
We wish them the best as they embark on the next chapter in their lives.

Departing Missionaries

President and Sister Lindsay join us as we send the
missionaries off with full stomachs!

Then it's time to say goodbye as they load the bus to Manila.

Elders Evert, Petronio,
and Abarte,
Sister Martinez
and Elder Bermejo
enjoy one last look.
(L-R) Elder Mayes, the Assistant, grabs one more photo
opportunity with departing Elders Willie, Evert and Shill

The last hoorah!
And a few tears from
Sister Martinez.

Our Assistants

Our Assistants, Elders Tolman and Mayes, are shown here as they
teach the missionaries in the Baguio Zone.  The Assistants taught in
the second half of each of our nine zone meetings. Their presentation 
was by way of a "parable" and was centered on the importance of the
Atonement of Jesus Christ, the principles of the gospel and the role
missionaries have in sharing and teaching these principles to others.

Baguio Zone

The Baguio Zone finishes our tour for zone interviews during this
quarter. The Baguio Zone is small in numbers, but large in spirit!
Zone Leaders, Elder Evert and Elder Taylor, taught on unity and
had previously taken time to make a video of a role play activity
as an example during their training.    

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Lingayen Zone

Our visit to the Lingayen Zone was also very enjoyable.  The
Zone Leaders, Elder Shill and Elder Salisbury asked our
missionaries how the Atonement of Jesus Christ affected them
as missionaries and representatives of Christ. The training also
included demonstrations and role play for more effective teaching.

Dagupan Zone

We had a good day with our missionaries of the Dagupan Zone,
once we finally got there.  We were almost 30 minutes late due
 to lots of flooding, construction and partial road closures. The
Zone Leaders, Elder Azores and Elder Hawkins, did a fine job
presenting the training and instructional role play they prepared.