Sunday, September 30, 2012

September 2012 Departing Missionaries

We said goodbye to our September batch of departing missionaries:
(L-R) Elder Antonio, Elder Gulla, Sister Origines, Sister Regodos,
Sister McKinley, Sister Ledesma, Sister Lybbert, and Sister Lazaro.

                          We honor our missionaries with a nice lunch before they leave.

                       After lunch, we gather in the living room to have a testimony meeting.

                 Then off to the bus station in Dagupan....and finding room for all the luggage.

                      A few last pictures and they depart for the next chapter in their lives.

                    Goodbye....we will miss you!                   Zone leaders, Elders Azores & Hawkins,
                                                                                with Sisters Lybbert and McKinley

Sunday, September 23, 2012

General Authority Visit

During the week of September 10th, the Baguio Mission was honored by a visit from Elder and Sister Ardern, First Quorum of the Seventy, Philippines Area Presidency. Elder and Sister Ardern were with us to tour the mission and instruct the missionaries in each of the tri-zone conferences. It was a very spiritual experience to receive instruction from Elder and Sister Ardern.  Before the start of each zone conference, Sister Ardern visited with all the sister missionaries.  Every sister missionary introduced herself and told Sister Ardern which city she was from. Even though this was an informal visit with Sister Ardern, we all could feel her love as she gave spiritual insight and bore her testimony.  During the conference, Elder Ardern invited several missionaries to share a scriptural insight.  Those missionaries who were chosen had a wonderful experience as they taught--standing next to a general authority.  This week will not be forgotten.

(L-R) President and Sister Monahan with Sister and Elder Ardern.
Elder and Sister Ardern with Elder Liston and Elder Discaya.

We take a few minutes during lunch to recognize each missionary
who celebrated a birthday since last zone conference. These
missionaries are from Urdaneta, Rosales and Bayambang zones.

Elder Palu takes a peak inside the birthday box.

We sing "Happy Birthday" and "Maligayan Bati."

Elder Terry is in line with Elder Ardern as they are served lunch
by the Assistants, Elders Tolman and Mayes.

A few of our awesome sister missionaries: (L-R)
Sisters Dacuno, Praqueles, Garnace, Urbano, Allen and PeriƱa.

Happy Birthday to our missionaries in Dagupan, Lingayen
and Mangaldan zones!

The sisters get first pick in the birthday box.The elders try to
wait patiently for their turn to pick from among the goodies.

Happy Birthday and Maligayan Bati to the elders and sisters in
Baguio, San Fernando and Agoo zones.  Sister Monahan had
someone else take this picture so she could join with the group,
since her birthday is in September.

Sister Ardern joins with the missionaries in singing,
"Called to Serve," in Tagalog.  We sing a song after eating lunch
then say, "Salamat!" to our wonderful cooks.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Scenery

I really enjoy our trips to the different zones in our mission!
My favorite color is green, and we don't have a lot of green in
Arizona, especially during the hot season.  You can see here
how beautiful and green the rice fields are.

The people of the Philippines are very resourceful. This vehicle
is a tryke-- a motorcyle with side car.  I am always amazed at the
amount of people and cargo that can be carried on one of these
trykes.  The man is driving, the lady sitting behind him has a little
boy on her lap, and there are three people in the side car. That's a
total of six people.....and they still had room for a load of coconuts!

The Fullmers

We are excited to welcome our newest senior couple to the
Baguio Mission.  Elder and Sister Fullmer will be a
tremendous blessing in the Aringay area and will work with
members and non-members in Bauang and Agoo.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Fireside in Malimpec

We spoke at a Fireside in Malimpec. These wonderful people are the
Ward Mission Leaders and are members of the Bayambang Stake.

We asked the two full-time missionaries who helped organize
the fireside to jump in the picture.  Sitting front and center is
Elder Frischknecht and to his left is Elder De Sosa. They have traveled
through heavy rain and walked in mud past their ankles to get to some of
the homes of families they are teaching--and they remain happy to serve.

Zone Leader Council

Once a month the zone leaders from all nine zones get together in
Urdaneta for Zone Leader Council.  They receive training from
President Monahan and the Assistants, Elders Tolman and Mayes.
The zone leaders, in turn, go back and train the missionaries in their
areas.  Of course, after 2+ hours of training, we can't let them leave
with empty stomachs.  Sister Carol cooks a nice meal for them.

The missionaries love when Sister Carol cooks her yummy lunches.

I like to visit with the zone leaders while they are eating
lunch and find out how things are going in their areas.

Sometimes the food is SO good, they don't even look up
until I bring in the brownies and ice cream for dessert!

Office Elders

President Monahan is here with the office elders:  (L-R)
Elder Elix, Mission Recorder (also computer/graphic arts) - records
mission data and puts the finishing touches on the mission newsletter, etc;
Elder Nieman, Mission Finance Officer - takes care of all mission finances
and makes sure each month the missionaries get their money for food, rent, etc.;
Elder Tolman and Elder Mayes, Assistants to the President - they assist with all the
teaching and training of the missionaries and everything else they are asked to do.
We love these elders...they are truly a blessing to us and the entire mission.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Mission Office Tour


Here is the group who toured the mission office.  Our missionaries who helped are:
back row (L) Elder Bermejo, Elder Mayes, and Elder Tolman.  Back row center
is our senior couple, Elder and Sister Engles, and back row (R) is Elder White.


A ward asked if their youth could come and tour the mission office.  It was a good opportunity to share information about the Baguio Mission and tell a little about what goes on "behind the scenes." 

Sister Engels (R) tells the youth what her responsibilities are in the mission office.  Sister Engels is the secretary.  If you call the mission office, she will be the one who answers your call. She and her husband are one of our senior couple missionaries.  Their current assignment in the mission is to
help keep things organized and running smoothly throughout the mission.


The youth had some time to look around, visit and ask questions. Elder Engels is in the back (L). He makes sure all the missionaries get their mail--you can imagine how much our missionaries LOVE him! He also works hard to furnish all the apartments and homes for our missionaries throughout the entire mission.
Our missionaries love to teach and share the gospel of Jesus Christ with people throughout the mission.  Elder Mayes (R) is one of the missionaries helping with the tour. He is also one of the Assistants to President Monahan.