Monday, May 20, 2013

Mission Tour

In May, the week before transfers, we were blessed to have Elder and Sister Nielson tour our mission. Elder Nielson is a member of the First Quorum of the Seventy and will be the President of the Philippines Area Presidency beginning August 1st.  They toured our mission during the week of zone conferences.  We started the tour in Dagupan with missionaries from the zones of Calasiao, Dagupan, Lingayen and Mangaldan. The next day we met with missionaries from the zones in Agoo, Baguio and San Fernando La Union.  We finished the tour in Urdaneta with our zones from Bayambang, Rosales and Urdaneta. Each day was a spiritual feast as we visited and were taught by Elder and Sister Nielson.  We also enjoyed a good lunch, celebrated with our missionaries who had birthdays during the months of January through April, then we all gathered together for a picture.  We loved seeing all the missionaries!

                          President and Sister Monahan with President and Sister Nielson

                     Calasiao, Dagupan, Lingayen and Mangaldan Zones

                                  Agoo, Baguio and San Fernando Zones

                              Bayambang, Rosales and Urdaneta Zones
                 We did things a little differently in Urdaneta because the food was running
                 behind schedule.  No problem....missionaries are so flexible.  We celebrated
                 the birthdays first.  Then we took the tri-zone picture and got a chance to visit
                 with each other until the food arrived. Sister Monahan didn't take any pictures
                 of the missionaries eating lunch, but they did eat a nice lunch!


Monday, May 13, 2013

May Transfer Day

Group Picture with the Sisters  

Enjoy the following pictures of our Transfer Day excitement!
                      Bayambang Zone with ZLs -                    Mangaldan Zone with ZLs -
                      Elder Tijap and Elder Shaw                    Elder Schultz and Elder Pedrola

                             Dagupan Zone with ZLs - Elder Harrison and Elder Lauriaga

                                 Lingayan Zone with ZLs - Elder Dickey and Elder Sison

                             Urdaneta Zone with ZLs - Elder Castillo and Elder Dela Cruz

                                                                    Rosales Zone

            Rosales ZLs - Elders Tiempo & Discaya           Agoo Zone with ZL - Elder Jacinto

                                                                    Agoo Zone

                           Agoo ZL - Elder Olson                    Calasiao Zone, ZL- Elder Machen

                  Calasiao Zone, ZL - Elder Tapusoa                       Calasiao Zone

                        San Fernando La Union Zone with ZLs - Elders Matthews & Victorio

                                  SFLU sisters                        Elder Nieman, Baguio ZL, gets the front seat

           Elder Kemmy, Baguio ZL, rides in the back of the jeepney with the rest of Baguio Zone

Finally loaded, the last jeepney departs for Baguio
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