Monday, May 13, 2013

May 2013 Arriving Missionaries

 We were expecting our missionaries to arrive on Wednesday evening, however, the international flight for our missionaries coming from the Provo MTC was delayed. The missionaries arrived in Urdaneta on Thursday morning and we were happy to see them. They were pretty tired because they had to wake up at 2am so they could get on the 6am bus in Manila for their 4-hour trip to Urdaneta. It wasn't until we were about to serve lunch that we found out none of the missionaries had eaten breakfast before they left Manila.  I guess they observed an unplanned "special" fast!
 Our May 2013 Arriving Batch
 (L-R) Front row: Sister Dover, Sister Gerhards, Sister La Torre, and Sister Renata.
Center row: Sister Lazan, Sister Rozal, Sister Viquerra, Sister Villaren,
Sister Evans, Sister Davidson, and Sister De Jose
Back row: Elder Alajar, Elder Garceniego, Elder Bigelow, Elder Paz,
Elder Tarronas, Elder Masame, Elder Vunibola, Elder Tabucol, Elder Paran,
Elder Estrada, Elder Medel, and Elder Baldovino
                     The new elders stay overnight                  The new sisters stay in the
                       at the "big house" with the                             mission home with
                       Assistants and office elders.                  President and Sister Monahan.

                                  We welcomed the elders and sisters at the bus stop

                                          Luggage! .....

                                                     ....Luggage! .....

                                                                  ......and more luggage!

                                                                    Time for lunch
                  Elder Masame played some hymns           We all went to the mission home

                       We had an orientation meeting.....  followed by a testimony meeting.

                                  Sister Evans and Elder Masame played the piano

                          After our testimony meeting, President joined the elders outside.

                       The elders enjoyed tossing the baseball and throwing the football.

                                                                                              Dinner is served!

              Sister Carol and the Assistants, Elders Hyatt and Millevo, serve the missionaries

A few of the senior couples joined us for dinner.  Sister Monahan sat
across from President, but she got up to take the pictures :)

               Elders Hyatt and Millevo are a tremendous help, especially with the new elders

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