Sunday, May 12, 2013

May 2013 Departing Missionaries

(L-R) Elder Mayes, Elder Marcelo, Elder Azores, Elder Velasco, Elder Abarte, Elder
Cabauatan, Elder Iray, Sister Carr and Sister Montojo with President and Sister Monahan.
We are so proud to see these wonderful missionaries "Return with Honor."

We said good-bye to Elder Mayes, Assistant to the President. When we arrived
10 months ago, Elder Mayes was our "trainer" and our guide to all the areas within our
mission. He knew all the landmarks, which always seemed to include a left or right turn
at the Jollibee (restaurant). We thank him for his dedication and the many hours of
service to us and to the Lord.  We wish him well!

                   Elder Mayes and his companion, Elder Hyatt (Assistant to the President)

                      Sister Carr and Sister Montojo..... with Elders Cabauatan, Azores & Abarte          

                          Elders Marcelo and Iray                  Elder Mayes with Pres. Mortensen,
                                                                               1st Counselor in the Mission Presidency

                   Elder Mayes and Elder Hyatt with the newly-called Assistant, Elder Millevo

                         Elders Hyatt and Mayes....                    Sisters Carr and Montojo
                         always "happy to serve!"
                                             The elders are always ready for a good meal.

                  Elders Hyatt and Millevo at the                 Our pianist, Elder Velasco, whose
                 beginning of our testimony meeting         musical talent was always appreciated

Sister Monahan with Sisters Carr and Montojo

We got the missionaries to the bus stop just in time--the bus driver was
waiting for them to arrive and load their luggage.  The bus started
leaving while Sister Monahan was taking this picture!

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