Thursday, April 25, 2013

March 29th Transfer Day

The arrival of 31 missionaries makes for a very large
Transfer Day....many missionaries and lots of luggage!
A vision of beauty, but don't let this fool you.  These sisters are
just a few of the many sisters we now have as part of the
Lord's powerful army of missionaries!

                                                    More of our mighty missionaries......

                                                                                                   Baguio Zone

                                    Mangaldan Zone                             San Fernando Zone

      Rosales Zone                                    Dagupan Zone          

                                                                    Rosales Zone

                                                                      Lingayen Zone

                                                                      Agoo Zone

                                                                  Urdaneta Zone

                             Urdaneta Zone Leaders                              Calasiao Zone

                                                                  Bayambang Zone

                          Bayambang Zone Leaders

                                                                    Urdaneta Zone

                                                                  Bayambang Zone

1 comment:

  1. Thank you for posting Sister Monahan! My son, Elder Treanor, has only been able to send us a few photos so it was awesome to "see" him!!
    Thank you again, Jenny Treanor