Tuesday, February 26, 2013

January 2013 Departing Missionaries

Good-bye to our missionaries who have served well and are ready to begin
the next chapter in their lives.  (L-R) Front: Elder Ruadil, Sister Panganiban,
Sister Ejara, Sister Rojas. Sister Praqueles, and Sister Herbolario.
Back: Elder Catellier, Elder Surbona, Elder Palu, Elder Laulu, and Elder Wood.

                  Elders Laulu, Ruadil and Catellier                       Elder Surbona

                    Sisters Panganiban and Ejara                       Waiting for lunch

                                Elder Catellier                              

                    Passing the time with a hymn                        Lunch is served...

    Elder Wood plays the piano as Sister Praqueles leads us in singing our Baguio Mission song

                    The sisters with Elder Hyatt--             Sister Praqueles says good-bye to
                          same arriving batch                              President Monahan

                               A few last pictures before boarding the bus to Cubao

                     Sisters Ejara and Panganiban                             All smiles!

                                                          'Till we meet again.....

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Baguio Trip

For Christmas we had the pleasure of spending a couple of days in Baguio with our Senior Couple missionaries. The cool nights meant we could finally wear long sleeves and some of us even
wore sweaters. On Christmas eve we visited Mines View where we took pictures and, of course, had fun shopping... well, some of us had fun shopping while the others watched us shop! Later, we returned to The Manor at Camp John Hay for a wonderful Christmas Eve dinner and enjoyed the lights, festivities and Christmas music sung by different choirs.  Our hearts were full as we talked of the birth of Christ, our families and the many blessings we receive through serving the Lord.

Overlooking Mines View
Overlooking Mines View
(L-R) Front:  Sister Fullmer, Sister Engels, Sister Dinkel, Sister Stamps.
Back:  Elder Fullmer, Elder Engels, President & Sister Mortensen,
Sister Monahan, President Monahan, Elder Stamps, and way in the
back is Elder Dinkel.

                    One of the nice families we met                       A beautiful view

                                                                              Elder Fullmer - pondering whether
                                                                                       to join the shoppers

                                              A little more of the shopping adventure

                                                     President and Sister Monahan

                             Festivities, music and dinner at Camp John Hay, "The Manor"

                                    The beautiful fields of vegetables and strawberries

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Welcome, Elder and Sister Mortensen

Elder and Sister Mortensen arrived in December and have truly hit the ground
running.  Elder Mortensen is now President Mortensen, 1st Counselor in the
Baguio Mission Presidency. Sister Mortensen has been helping teach and train
in our district conference auxiliary meetings. The members and missionaries
love them already.  They come to us from Queen Creek, Arizona
(yes, President Monahan might have played a small part in them receiving
their call to the Baguio Misson).  We appreciate their willingness to serve 
and look forward to serving with them!

Baptism in Baguio Zone

In December, we were able to visit a few missionaries in the
Baguio Zone when we were there for the baptism of a family.
(L-R) President Monahan, Elder PeƱaranda, Elder Pappas,
Elder Hansen, Elder Elix, Elder Davis, Elder Rubia and our
Zone Leaders: Elder Dickey and Elder Nieman.

We were so excited for the wonderful family who was baptized by
Elder Davis, Elder Elix and Elder Hansen. (Note: The church asks us
not to publish names of new converts for privacy reasons.)