Monday, March 25, 2013

March 1st Transfer Day

Our "sister time" before transfer meeting

(L) Sisters Valera, Alvaro, Briones, Navarathna, Allen, and Carr

                       Sisters Alibogha, Palmer,                        Elders Mila, Carullo, Sison, Lipscomb, Wilding
                       Sandoy, Pelayo and Ward                    & Sarol with Pres. Mortensen in the background

                Baguio ZLs Elders Dickey & Nieman        Elders Velasco, Pedrola & Tijap

                    Agoo Zone with ZLs - Elders                Mangaldan Zone with ZLs - Elders
                           Olson and Jacinto                                 Lauriaga and Azores

Dagupan Zone with ZLs - Elders Harrison and Shaw.
Elder Shaw missed the picture-taking experience  :(

                               Lingayen Zone with ZLs - Elders Tapusoa and Millevo
               San Fernando Zone with ZLs - Elders        Urdaneta Zone with ZLs - Elders
                        Castillo and Schultz                              Matthews and Dela Cruz

                    Baguio Zone with ZLs - Elders                     Another Transfer Day
                         Dickey and Nieman                                 comes to a close.
Oh, no! Bayambang and Rosales Zones left without Sister Monahan getting their pictures.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

February 2013 Arriving Missionaries

(L-R) Front row: Sisters Alibogha, Pamesa, Flores, Lim, Pelayo, Paduga and Taliaivao.
Back row: Elders Ponce, Sarol, Mila, Caunca, Panhilason, Carullo, and Pabit.

Elder Panhilason shared his talents by playing the piano

              Elder Caunca catches a short nap while Elders Pabit and Carullo did some reading

                       Sisters Pamesa and Alibogha (L) and Sisters Taliaivao and Paduga
                                             have time for some companionship study.

               The sisters and elders enjoyed a friendly game of bean bag toss before dinner

                     The morning of transfers, a few sisters take time for personal study,
                                                then companionship study.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

February 2013 Departing Missionaries

(L-R) Elder Bernal, Elder De Sosa, Sister Olila and Elder Hawkins.
These four missionaries return to their homes with honor.  We thank
them for their dedicated service to the Lord and wish them well as they
begin the next chapter of their lives.

                  Elder Hawkins and Sister Olila              Elders Hawkins, Bernal and De Sosa

              Sister Olila, the Assistants: Elders Mayes   
                & Hyatt, the Mortensens and Engels

           We gather for a testimony meeting and begin by singing the Baguio Mission song.

                Elder Bernal and Elder Lipscomb              Elder De Sosa and Elder Hawkins

Elder Bernal says goodbye to his companion, Elder Shaw, then the
missionaries board the bus to Cubao.
                                   They find a seat and settle in for a 5-hour bus ride.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

January 2013 Transfer Day

Transfer Day "Get-Together" with the sisters

       Elder Machen (L) tosses a football while he and his companion wait to load the jeepney

                          It's a miracle that the elders, sisters, luggage, boxes, pillows, etc.
                                             all make it on the correct jeepneys!

                          Elder Gemmell (center)                    Elder Falcon (L) and Elder Dearing

                Elder Macabenta & Elder Sta. Ana         Elders Moreno, Kauer, Contreres & Gemmell

                        Elder Mauga with his new              Sister Terte and Sister Cabrerra with
                        companion, Elder Kemmy              Sister Ve'Enuku and Sister Baraquiel

                  Elder Artigo and Elder Lipscomb           Baguio Zone, ZLs Elders Dickey &
                  (with bandage--he forgot to duck)          Nieman (L), with Elders Santos & Catt

             San Fernando La Union Zone, with ZLs            Mangaldan Zone, with ZLs --
                  -- Elders Castillio & Schultz                           Elders Lauriaga & Azores

                       Urdaneta Zone, with ZLs --                    Bayambang Zone, with ZLs --
                      Elders Dela Cruz & Matthews                   Elders Tijap & Pedrola

                        Agoo Zone, with ZLs --                         Rosales Zone, with ZLs --
                         Elders Olson & Iray                             Elders Jacinto & Discaya

                               Dagupan Zone, with ZLs-- Elder Shaw (L) & Elder Bernal

                                  Lingayen Zone is not pictured...their jeepney driver left
                                          without Sister Monahan getting a picture  :(