Monday, March 25, 2013

March 1st Transfer Day

Our "sister time" before transfer meeting

(L) Sisters Valera, Alvaro, Briones, Navarathna, Allen, and Carr

                       Sisters Alibogha, Palmer,                        Elders Mila, Carullo, Sison, Lipscomb, Wilding
                       Sandoy, Pelayo and Ward                    & Sarol with Pres. Mortensen in the background

                Baguio ZLs Elders Dickey & Nieman        Elders Velasco, Pedrola & Tijap

                    Agoo Zone with ZLs - Elders                Mangaldan Zone with ZLs - Elders
                           Olson and Jacinto                                 Lauriaga and Azores

Dagupan Zone with ZLs - Elders Harrison and Shaw.
Elder Shaw missed the picture-taking experience  :(

                               Lingayen Zone with ZLs - Elders Tapusoa and Millevo
               San Fernando Zone with ZLs - Elders        Urdaneta Zone with ZLs - Elders
                        Castillo and Schultz                              Matthews and Dela Cruz

                    Baguio Zone with ZLs - Elders                     Another Transfer Day
                         Dickey and Nieman                                 comes to a close.
Oh, no! Bayambang and Rosales Zones left without Sister Monahan getting their pictures.

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