Sunday, March 24, 2013

February 2013 Arriving Missionaries

(L-R) Front row: Sisters Alibogha, Pamesa, Flores, Lim, Pelayo, Paduga and Taliaivao.
Back row: Elders Ponce, Sarol, Mila, Caunca, Panhilason, Carullo, and Pabit.

Elder Panhilason shared his talents by playing the piano

              Elder Caunca catches a short nap while Elders Pabit and Carullo did some reading

                       Sisters Pamesa and Alibogha (L) and Sisters Taliaivao and Paduga
                                             have time for some companionship study.

               The sisters and elders enjoyed a friendly game of bean bag toss before dinner

                     The morning of transfers, a few sisters take time for personal study,
                                                then companionship study.

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