Tuesday, March 5, 2013

January 2013 Transfer Day

Transfer Day "Get-Together" with the sisters

       Elder Machen (L) tosses a football while he and his companion wait to load the jeepney

                          It's a miracle that the elders, sisters, luggage, boxes, pillows, etc.
                                             all make it on the correct jeepneys!

                          Elder Gemmell (center)                    Elder Falcon (L) and Elder Dearing

                Elder Macabenta & Elder Sta. Ana         Elders Moreno, Kauer, Contreres & Gemmell

                        Elder Mauga with his new              Sister Terte and Sister Cabrerra with
                        companion, Elder Kemmy              Sister Ve'Enuku and Sister Baraquiel

                  Elder Artigo and Elder Lipscomb           Baguio Zone, ZLs Elders Dickey &
                  (with bandage--he forgot to duck)          Nieman (L), with Elders Santos & Catt

             San Fernando La Union Zone, with ZLs            Mangaldan Zone, with ZLs --
                  -- Elders Castillio & Schultz                           Elders Lauriaga & Azores

                       Urdaneta Zone, with ZLs --                    Bayambang Zone, with ZLs --
                      Elders Dela Cruz & Matthews                   Elders Tijap & Pedrola

                        Agoo Zone, with ZLs --                         Rosales Zone, with ZLs --
                         Elders Olson & Iray                             Elders Jacinto & Discaya

                               Dagupan Zone, with ZLs-- Elder Shaw (L) & Elder Bernal

                                  Lingayen Zone is not pictured...their jeepney driver left
                                          without Sister Monahan getting a picture  :(

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