Saturday, September 1, 2012

Mission Office Tour


Here is the group who toured the mission office.  Our missionaries who helped are:
back row (L) Elder Bermejo, Elder Mayes, and Elder Tolman.  Back row center
is our senior couple, Elder and Sister Engles, and back row (R) is Elder White.


A ward asked if their youth could come and tour the mission office.  It was a good opportunity to share information about the Baguio Mission and tell a little about what goes on "behind the scenes." 

Sister Engels (R) tells the youth what her responsibilities are in the mission office.  Sister Engels is the secretary.  If you call the mission office, she will be the one who answers your call. She and her husband are one of our senior couple missionaries.  Their current assignment in the mission is to
help keep things organized and running smoothly throughout the mission.


The youth had some time to look around, visit and ask questions. Elder Engels is in the back (L). He makes sure all the missionaries get their mail--you can imagine how much our missionaries LOVE him! He also works hard to furnish all the apartments and homes for our missionaries throughout the entire mission.
Our missionaries love to teach and share the gospel of Jesus Christ with people throughout the mission.  Elder Mayes (R) is one of the missionaries helping with the tour. He is also one of the Assistants to President Monahan. 

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