Sunday, August 12, 2012

Transfer Day

The missionaries load their luggage and personal items into the jeepneys. Elder Engels puts a banner on each jeepney to identify the different zones. Elder Engels also places all the mail and packages under the carport of the mission home so the zone leaders can take them back to the missionaries in their areas.
A few last goodbyes and handshakes, then it's time to board the jeepneys to their areas.  Some of the missionaries will go to new areas with new companions, others will go back to their same areas, but with different companions.  Since this was our first missionary transfer day, I wasn't sure how it all worked, but it's all very well-planned and I was impressed that our missionaries were so organized.

I loved going to each jeepney
and seeing all the smiling
faces of our missionaries. In
the picture below, Elder Liston
is almost buried in the way
back with all the boxes, but
he's still smiling!

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