Sunday, October 7, 2012

September Transfer Day

I invited all the sisters who had arrived for Transfer Day to come to the
mission home to visit before the meeting at the church.  Here I am with
Sister Lindsay (L), Sister Fullmer (R), along with the new missionaries and
the ones involved in transfers....quite a vision of beauty and excitement!
                      Sisters Praqueles, Dacuno,                       Sisters Fuensaldia, Carr
                          Baraquiel and Yousuf                                  and Cabrera

                      Sisters Bagacina and Ejara              Sisters Panganiban, Carr and Cabrera

                     Sisters Carr, Cabrera, Maiava                     The sisters collect their
                              and Va'Enuku                                     luggage and pillows

                It's interesting to watch the missionaries gather their luggage and personal items
                  and try to make room for everything--including themselves--on the jeepneys

                   Sisters Praqueles and Dacuno               Sisters Panganiban and Fuensaldia
                   will be meeting new companions                  with President Monahan

                     Elder Perkins with President                  Elders M. Dela Cruz and Ward
                      Sisters Carr and Alvaro                         Elders E. Dela Cruz and Viriña

                 President visits with the missionaries             Elders Halvorson, Pappas,
                 before they leave for their new areas             Tapusoa, Adams and Laulu

                    Missionaries love taking pictures             Sister Maiava is waiting with a
                          and posing for pictures!                       few elders to board a jeepney

                   Sisters Fernando and Schuhmann,         Baguio Zone Leaders, Elders Taylor
                      Elders Pappas and Contreras,              and Dickey (front) with Elders (L-R)
                          Sisters Stapp and Cabrera                   Tauiliili, Ereno and Salisbury

      Zone Leaders, Elders Catellier and Valdez, with fellow missionaries on their way to Rosales 

                    Missionaries on their way to San Fernando La Union (L) and Agoo (R)

                                  It's amazing how many missionaries fit into a jeepney.
                            These missionaries are headed for Lingayen (L) and Agoo (R)

               Zone Leaders, Elders Halvorson and Su'a are contemplating where to squeeze in.

                      Lingayan jeepney fully loaded                  The jeepney to Mangaldan

          The four pictures above are the missionaries going to Dagupan...also a tight squeeze.

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