Friday, November 23, 2012

October Departing Missionaries

 It was bittersweet to say goodbye to Elder Tolman, one of the Assistants to President Monahan.
  He will be missed, but we know he is moving on to serve the Lord in future callings. We wish
     him well.  He "Returns with Honor," along with the other missionaries who are departing.

Back row (L-R):  Elders Purcell, Williams, White, Tolman, Soderquist, Solesbee, and Su'a.
Front row: Elders Quinte, Valdez, Villacer, Puyong, Diaz and Sisters Mohinder and Garnace.
On the end is Elder Manarpiis. These wonderful men and women have completed their
full-time service as missionaries in the Baguio Mission.  They go forth with strong testimonies
and a willingness to continue being disciples of Christ.
                A little nap before lunch..... then good food before the long bus ride to Manila.

                          (Left) Sisters Mohinder and Garnace, along with Elders Tolman
                                     and Su'a are on their way to the bus station (right)

                   Elder White is receiving his last                           Elder White
                      "till we meet again" hug.                        with Sister and Elder Engels

                Sister Garnace and Elder Solesbee                          Elder Tolman
                                                                                     gives a final wave goodbye

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