Sunday, June 16, 2013

All in a Day's Drive

  Here are a few of our favorite pictures while traveling to and from the places in our mission.

      After the corn is harvested, it is spread out to dry on the side of the road in the mornings and
        swept up in the afternoons and put into bags. This corn is mostly used to feed the animals.

                        The road home from Agoo                       The tree house in Rosario

                                  A fire tree                          There is no shortage of Jollibee Restaurants

                   The Catholic church in Manaoag                  Driving home from Demortis

                                             A fully-loaded tryke in Bayambang

                             A fully-loaded jeepney!                   This little piggy went to market                 

                               Beautiful rice fields                           Strawberry fields in Baguio

                                  Beautiful sunsets                   This picture was taken by Sister Engels

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