Thursday, June 20, 2013

June 2013 Departing Missionaries

                                        June Batch -- Returning with Honor!
Thank you for your service.  We will miss you!
(L-R) Elder Onia, Elder Hyatt, Elder Rubia, Elder Pedrola, Sister Dacuno
Elder Cacayan, Elder Slaughter, Elder Dela Cruz, and Elder Nieman.

Elder Hyatt served as Assistant to the President.  He is a true disciple of Christ
and we appreciate his service and dedication to missionary work.
(Left) Assistants, Elders Machen and Millevo with Elder Hyatt who is headed home.
(Right) Elders Nieman, Cacayan, Rubia, Pedrola, Slaughter and Sister Dacuno.  
                         Time to load the luggage                                   Elder Rubia
                                  Sister Dacuno                                        Elder Dela Cruz
                                Elder Pedrola                                         Elder Cacayan
                                 Elder Slaughter                                       Elder Nieman
                                        Elder Onia                       Sisters Vivian & Carol will miss Elder Hyatt's
                                                                                 help with serving the food and cleaning up
                                               Yes.... Elder Hyatt is eating again.   :)
                                  Amazingly enough, all the luggage makes it onto the bus
 Sister Monahan boards the bus to get one last picture, then off they go to Manila.

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