Friday, August 2, 2013

July 2013 Departing Missionaries

                         (L-R) Elder Mansfield, Elder Dickey, Sister Sandoy, Elder Villamin,
                     Elder Lauriaga and Elder Alojado.  Thank you for your service to the Lord!
                                    Sister Sandoy                                      Elder Villamin

                                   Elder Alojado                                       Elder Lauriaga

                                  Elder Mansfield                                       Elder Dickey
                                 Elder Mansfield                                       Elder Dickey
                            Miles and miles of walking and hard work...the shoes tell it all!
        Elder Mansfield (L) and Elder Dickey don't mind that they return with holes in their shoes.
                                We gather for lunch.....              then a spiritual testimony meeting.

                                          We're on our way to the bus stop in Dagupan
                                A wave good-bye                              Dagupan Zone Leaders,
                                                                                      Elders Pappas and Harrison
                                                                            They got the bus tickets for the missionaries.

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