Sunday, August 4, 2013

July Transfer Day

                       Front row (L-R):  Sister Marcon, Sister Alvarez and Sister Gallego
                       Back row:  Sister Adasme, Sister Talk, Sister Kinikini and Sister Carr
                       Front row: Elder Macalindong, Elder Andres, Elder Ballesteros
                    Back row:  Elder Nelson, Elder Floralde, Elder Atun, and Elder Sanchez
                              The new Sisters and the Trainers with Sister Mortensen (L),
                           Sister Monahan (R) and Sister Shamrell (next to Sister Monahan)
                                                   The new Elders with the Trainers

            We enjoyed visiting and taking a few pictures after they met their companions....

       The elders must have been pretty hungry for lunch--they didn't stick around for pictures!

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